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How To Sell Your Car Fast!

Posted by | July 02, 2014 | Bristol | No Comments
sell your car fast

Sometimes selling a car can be a long, drawn out process. Complaints we offer hear about are sellers waiting for buyers that don’t turn up to viewings. Or the buyers that undervalue your car and make ridiculous offers. But what happens if you need to sell your car fast? There can be situations where waiting is just not an option. Being promoted at work, an unexpected addition to your family or moving house can all be reasons why you may need to change your car. Perhaps you need the money right this moment or your car does not get enough use. Whatever the reason, we can help you get cash fast for your motor.

There can be several reasons that selling your car fast could be an issue:

  1. Condition:If you have been slightly heavy footed in the past then the wear and tear will show on your motor (and make it harder to sell!) Any slight noises from the engine, stiffness in pedals or loose hand breaks are some of the criteria that is guaranteed to put off any potential buyers. More and more people are getting warier about what they buy and there is high competition in the motor market. Even if they really love your car, many buyers will now act sensibly and not take a punt on buying a car if they get a tiny niggle of a problem with it. Body work is also a major factor with this. Scrapes and bumps are signifiers to buyers that you have not taken proper care of your car. Even if the damage is superficial it may make it a harder (and longer) process to sell it.
  1. Age:  We are right in the middle of the iPhone generation. The latest models and more fashionable designs are in demand and will sell. Whereas older models can be harder to shift. The same is true with cars- what you drive around in is a status symbol for many. Even if a buyer is not concerned with fashion, they may believe a newer car is more reliable and will last for a longer time. This is not always true, think of your Nokia 3210 where the battery used to last for 5 days compared to the iPhone’s eight hours. So although you may know that your car has never missed a beat, age will always go against it.
  1. Undesirable model: There are also the cars that no matter their condition or their age – they will never be a desirable model. This can be dictated by fashion, a model being given the “granddad car” treatment, or the manufacturer having a bad reputation. Unexpected changes in business models can also send the market spiralling down for your motor. If a car manufacturer decides to move their factory to a different country then local people can sometimes rebel by giving that make the cold shoulder. Or they worry that if they buy that car then it will be more expensive to order in parts from abroad.

Use CarBuyerTom:

At CarBuyerTom we can make you an offer and buy your car fast! It really is a very simple process. To get started all you need to do is enter your registration number into the homepage box and then click Value My Car. Tom will then go rushing through the database to find your car details for you, what a guy! If he cannot find your details from the car registration then there is a manual input where you can enter the make, model and other details.

This is the Car Buyer Tom Logo

Then it is up to you to let Tom know a little more about your car. Follow the online instructions to tell us about your motor’s history. This includes MOT, mileage and service history. Make sure you tell us about any extras you have  too, such as privacy glass, upgrade alloys, Satellite Navigation  – this could affect the valuation we give you so don’t lose out!

We will come back to you with a valuation within 24 hours. If you are happy with the valuation we have provided. We will arrange an appointment as soon as possible, inspect the vehicle and provide you with payment for your car! Simple!


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