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10 Most Annoying Things Passengers Do

Posted by | January 11, 2015 | Car Advice | No Comments

We all like to think that we are good passengers,but it would seem there are some things we might do that we don’t even realise just how annoying they can be for our driver.


Eating In The Car


Most drivers can’t stand people eating in their car. Some will be nicer about it than others, but most get a little frantic as soon as a passenger whips out an extra-large packet of crisps or a multipack of chocolate.


Changing The Track


There is nothing more annoying than a passenger wanting to constantly change the track at any given moment. Worst still when they don’t share your taste in music.


Talking Non Stop


Some drivers don’t mind this, but most drivers find someone talking to them constantly annoying after a while.


Slamming Car Doors


Most drivers have a deep attachment to their cars, so when someone slams the door when they get in it really annoys them. Some drivers are more vocal about this than others, but it annoys most.


Bringing Dirt Into The Car


Most drivers can’t stand passengers bringing dirt into the car. Muddy feet are especially high on the list of annoyances for most drivers.


Leaving Rubbish In The Car


If you get out of the car and leave your fast food wrappers or empty coke bottle on the car floor, that annoys most drivers, trust me.


Putting Feet All Over The Car


When most drivers say “make yourself at home” they often don’t mean it completely literally, so putting your feet up on the seats or anywhere else other than car floor will tend to annoy a lot of drivers.


Constant Fiddling With The Controls


Constant fiddling with the car controls really peeves off a lot of drivers. Especially constantly winding up and down the windows.


Asking “Are We Nearly There Yet?”


Ah the classic “are we nearly there yet” question. This is almost universally hated amongst drivers and other passengers alike. Asking it once or twice throughout a long journey is probably acceptable enough, but asking every 10 minutes will most likely annoy someone.


Giving Directions When You Don’t Know The Way


We understand that most passengers have good intentions when giving out directions, but if they aren’t sure of the directions themselves then the chances of leading the driver the wrong way are likely, which will do nothing but annoy the driver.

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