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10 Ways You Are Knocking Money Off Your Car’s Value

Posted by | August 11, 2014 | Car Advice | No Comments
value my car fast

There are some little bad habits that car really affect the value of your car. If you ever plan of selling your car in the future then it might be worth reading these tips from Tom. Here are his top 10 recommendations that drivers would do well to avoid.

Clean it with washing up liquid

It is Sunday morning on a nice sunny day. Time to wash your car! But before you reach for warm bucket of water mixed with heaps of washing up liquid – stop! Washing up liquid is formulated for cleaning grease and food remains from ceramic plates. The ingredients will strip away the wax from your car which in turn encourages paint layers to flake off. This will eventually lead to your car becoming rusty. You may think you are looking after your car by washing it but in fact you could be damaging it. The best bet is to invest in a dedicated car shampoo.

Spraying it yourself

If the body and paint damage is already done then it might be tempting to pop to Halfords to grab some paint. This, in short, is a terrible idea! Even professional car sprayers struggle to get an even covering of new paint. The paint that you buy may be slightly different to your car colour too which makes damage more obvious than it was before you started. Dust can also get mixed into the paint which can leave a gloopy, messy finish. Best leave this one to the professionals!

Speaking of DIY disasters…

Modifying a car can be fun and the results mean you get a motor completely to your taste. However your taste may not match up with others which could actually harm the resale value of your car. It also may make it more expensive for buyers to insure, narrowing your scope of customers. So before you fit loud exhaust pipe, lower the suspension and adding alloys, think again!

Some Car Tastes Are an Acquired Taste

Eating and smoking in a car

Smells cling to an interior of a car very easily. By eating in your car you can cause pongs and stains that can be hard to undo. Smoking is even worse as it could result in smells, burns and ash in your interior. Form good habits when you first buy a car and you can prevent problems in the long run.  

Moderate your children

If you are a parent you will know how much mess a child can make. Even the cleanest, calmest kids can ruin your car.  Kicking seats, smearing windows, being sick and dropping food and drink are just some of the problems they can cause. The best prevention is to carry rubbish bags and wet wipes. It may be a good idea to line your seats with old blankets when the children are in the car.

Putting the wrong fuel in

Putting the wrong fuel in your car is an easy mistake to make. Though it is important to not drive the car and hope for the best, even if you are a short distance from home.  Push the car to the side of the forecourt and call an expert.

Wrong Fuel In Your Car

Ignore servicing prompts

Drivers try to cut their motoring costs in any way they can. It can be tempting to ignore your schedules services. However when selling your car, having a clean history of regular servicing will really work in your favour.

Ignore obvious problems

Are you driving around with a warning on your dashboard? You are not the only one. It can be tempting to ignore these warnings and pass them off as just an electrical fault. However it is best practice to get these problems checked straight away. You may do more damage to your car if you drive around when there is something wrong.

By being lazy

Can you walk somewhere instead of driving? It is always the best option as going small distances in a car can completely ruin an engine. Until the car’s engine is at its proper operating temperature the oil will not be able to lubricate properly as it is not runny enough at cooler temperatures. Car experts generally agree that it takes between 10 and 12 miles for an engine to reach its optimum.

Using the clutch wrong

When riding the clutch (by placing unnecessary pressure on it when it is not needed) the plates slip against each other and will cause premature wear and tear. Keeping the clutch down at traffic lights is not good for your car either. Only use the clutch when necessary and bring your foot fully on or fully off to prevent this.

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