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5 Of The Most Amazing Car Parks In The World

Posted by | January 15, 2015 | Car Advice | No Comments
5 of the most amazing car parks in the world

When you think of car parks the words cool, unique and mind-blowingly awesome don’t usually spring to mind. We think that might be about to change. We’ve scoured the net and rounded up what we feel are some of the most interesting car parks in the world (for different reasons). So check them out below – as usual, the list is in no particular order.


Car Towers – Germany


Located at the Autostadt (visitor attraction at the Volkswagen factory in Germany) are two amazing car park towers made of glass and galvanized steel. At the car park towers cars are automatically moved from the plant into an area for collection by the customer. Okay, so it’s not a standard consumer car park, granted, but we thought it was bloody cool. Each tower measures sixty metres and can store 400 cars. And both towers are joined to the Volkswagen factory by a seven hundred metre tunnel that runs underground. Check out the video above;



Michigan Theatre Car Park – Michigan


Not as high tech as the one above, but just as amazing in our opinion. The Michigan Theatre Car Park is literally a car park inside one of Michigans oldest and most beautiful theatres, originally seating over 4000 people. You can park your car, look up and still see the original ornate construction of the theatre, albeit somewhat broken and decaying, but in doing so creating its own original charm and look.



Parc des Celestins – Lyon, France


We find this car park almost mesmerising. It’s a seven story cylinder car park with a hollow middle and an angled rotating mirror as a focal point. Sunlight enters the hollow middle from the outside helping to disperse light throughout the car park. Check out the video above.



Ballet Valet Parking Garage – Miami


We find this car park particularly interesting. It’s a car park utilising mother nature to the fullest, and makes a pleasant change from all the dull concrete car parks out there.



Parking Carousel – Tokyo


This parking garage is awesome. In Tokyo space is at a premium so this parking garage was built vertically. According to PopularMechanics.com “the parking garage stores cars in tall narrow stacks eliminating the need for an on and off ramp infrastructure”.

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