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5 Common Mistakes When Selling Your Car

Posted by | August 22, 2014 | Car Advice | No Comments
sell your car fast

It can be exciting to buy a new car. Yet most people need to sell their old car first. If you are planning on selling a used car there are several mistakes that you need to avoid. Here is Tom’s list of 5 mistakes to avoid when selling a used car.

  1. Clean it first

It sounds pretty obvious but making sure that your motor is spick and span is the first port of call. At Car Buyer Tom we see a whole host of used mucky motors that clients ask us to value. Even though the dirt may be superficial, it really does not help when determining what a car is worth. Invest a little bit of money in having a professional clean, or perhaps go for the DIY option instead.

Clean Your Car Before Viewing

  1. Do not fix everything

Although there are some jobs that are necessary to complete before selling your motor, others are a waste of time and money. Some used car owners fix everything under the sun before putting their vehicle on the market. This can be extremely costly and does not really add much value. If in doubt, make sure everything that affects safety and driver enjoyment in on point. Early filter replacements or unnecessary fluid flushes should be left. When in doubt, ask your mechanic.


  1. Don’t use bad photos

Unless you are lucky enough to stumble across a buyer in real life, most people will first judge your car off photographs. Make sure you use a good quality camera to take photos of your motor from many different angles. If you have damage to your body then photograph this also, there is no point trying to hide it. Clear interior photographs are also a must.


  1. Be ready for your viewing

When a potential car buyer turns up to view your motor then you must have everything ready to show them. If the car is in your garage surrounded by lawn mowers and paint pots then this does not give off a good impression. Also make sure you have any documentation ready. Put it inside the car in a plastic folder. The last thing a car buyer wants to do is wait an hour whilst you dig through your bedside table looking for forms.

Be prepared for a car valuation

  1. Don’t be shady

If a car buyer is looking to give you a cash lump sum then they have to be one hundred percent sure about the condition of the car. After all, they may be considering giving thousands of pounds to a stranger who has no return policy!  Make sure that you approach them open and honestly. Trying to hide bad features of the car is likely to ruin your sale. If the car buyer thinks that you are lying then there is no way you will sell your car. If you are confident in your motor’s condition then why not pay to get it checked over at a garage? By suggesting a pre-purchase inspection to the buyer you can secure a car buyer’s confidence.



If you are looking to sell your car quickly then why not see what Tom would offer you for your car. Contact him now for an obligation-free quote.

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