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5 Pretty Dumb Inventions For Cars

Posted by | April 08, 2015 | Car Advice | No Comments
dumb inventions pic 5

With the news breaking that Google have patented external airbags and soft bumpers for their driver less car, we started talking about other strange inventions for cars over the years.

These aren’t actual cars but weird things that were meant to improve our driving experience. Have a look at these bad boys and see if you think if any of these would have enhanced your lives…

In Car DVD Players

We can hear the parents bristling from here! Okay they serve a purpose, they keep kids quiet in the back seat, but what happened to playing games while driving, or actually chatting with each other? Call us old fashioned but to us this is no different from sticking the kids in front of the telly to keep them quiet. In the heady days of British holidays where we all piled into a car and drove hundreds of miles to a caravan site there was none of this. This may be a controversial inclusion but we think it deserved to be here.

5  Pretty Dumb Inventions For Cars

Stopped Traffic and Lane Alert

Now any driving aid should be useful, but this one errs on the side of dumb rather than wow! The blurb was along the lines of “I didn’t realise I was about to smash into the back of a ten ton truck but thankfully my car did!”. Erm, excuse me? If you cannot see a mahoosive truck stopping in front of you then you shouldn’t be driving in the first place, simple as! Nodding off and slipping out of your lane is not acceptable either, so as far as we are concerned these so called inventions encourage people to get behind the wheel who shouldn’t be; shudder.

5  Pretty Dumb Inventions For Cars

Steering Wheel Tables

Okay, yes, we have all eaten or drunk something at sometime in our car but this smacks of laziness. Drive through the, erm, drive through, get it delivered to your car, whip out your flimsy table and voila, a really crappy dining experience. We presume you are going to get out of the car to dispose of the rubbish so why not go into the restaurant to eat your meal? Cars are for getting to and from restaurants, they are not intended to be the restaurants itself.

5  Pretty Dumb Inventions For Cars

In Car Microwaves

The first thing that springs to mind when you see this is; why? Lets be honest here microwaved food isn’t great, popcorn is it’s limit in our gaff. If you are hurtling along and have a sudden craving for a lump of cardboard pizza or soggy toastie then feel free, whatever floats your boat. Us personally, we would rather stop somewhere and eat properly rather than faff about waiting for this to do it’s pretty feeble job. Remember that this works off your car battery so don’t expect your food to be hot in seconds, lukewarm was the best we got, in the name of research of course.

5  Pretty Dumb Inventions For Cars

Record Player

This is so dumb some class it as brilliant; we are sticking with dumb. Record players were a pain at the best of times. Getting up, physically putting the records on, getting back up when the needle got stuck, we all sang from the roof tops when CD’s were invented! Now we are all for old school classic features in cars but putting something into a car that struggled on a flat surface does not bode well for motion. A silly idea which only a handful of silly people bought.

5  Pretty Dumb Inventions For Cars

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