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Best Animated Cars

Posted by | March 30, 2015 | Car Advice | No Comments

There is only one thing that comes close to real cars in films, and that is those of the animated variety. Over the years we have thrilled at the antics of these imaginary vehicles and everyone at one point has secretly wished they had one! There are so many through the years that it was a tough job narrowing it down. While we apologise if your particular favourite isn’t here we’re sure you will enjoy the list we have compiled.

The Mystery Machine

This van which drove Fred. Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby from one adventure to another is as iconic as those inside it. With it’s bright paint job and groovy emblems so symbolic of the 60’s, there were no special features about the Mystery Machine, bar its psychedelic appearance. As far as a community vehicle housing mystery solving teenagers goes, this is the best there is.

the mystery machine



Okay, so we may be taking a bit of artistic licence here as FAB 1 isn’t technically a cartoon car but ‘Supermarionation’ rhymes with animation so it’s good enough for us! AKA Lady Penelope’s car, this pink Rolls Royce is the most instantly identifiable of all the vehicles in Thunderbirds. OK, so hardcore fans would be able to tell Thunderbird 1 from Thunderbird 3 from 4 miles away but EVERYONE knows this car. Modified by Brains, boasting 6 wheels and driven by the eternally miserable Parker, the car used in the 2004 film was a Ford Thunderbird after BMW refused the film makers to use the Rolls Royce name; spoilsports.


The Simpson’s Cars

Okay so we’re cheating a bit here as our favourite yellow people are actually a 2 car family but hey, you’re getting 2 cool pics so chill. The pink sedan driven by Homer J Simpson is a pink 1964 Triumph Valiant sedan. It has seen better days, as has it’s driver, with damage to the right front fender Homer has never bothered to repair. Made in Croatia using old Russian tanks, this car is also somewhat immortal considering it has been totalled several times but is back to normal in the next episode.


Marge’s Station Wagon

The car Marge Simpson zips around in is an orange 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle station wagon that changes episode to episode. The disappearing roof rack and other slight differences in its appearance are notable to those who watch the show. It’s weird, almost as if, oh I dunno, someone else had drawn it?


Wacky Races

The ultimate petrolhead cartoon, Wacky Races did what it said on the tin and delivered high speed races in all manner of crazy vehicles. There were 11 in total, which can’t cover all of in this blog, so we picked out our personal favourite which also carried an important lesson in morals; “cheaters never prosper!”


The Mean Machine 00

The stars, and the villains, of Wacky Races were Dick Dastardly, his sidekick Muttley, and this rocket powered purple car. A whole host of concealed weapons, combined with its ability to fly, would seem on paper to give DD & M the edge in every race; not so. His constant plans to nobble his opponents rather than try to win fairly usually see him end up in last place, his catchphrases of “Drat!! Drat!! and Double Drat!!”, “Triple Drat!” and e “Curses, foiled again!” are legendary.


Mr Magoo’s Car

The near sighted millionaire whose name became with synonymous drivers everywhere, Quincy, AKA Mr, Magoo is a cartoon legend. This old gent refuse to accept his sight problem and had some pretty close shaves but always seemed to have luck on his side and escaped unscathed. It was never revealed what make or model this car was based on, rather it was a subject of the animator’s imagination and it suited Magoo’s age and wealth to a tee. Fascinating fast of the day; Mr Magoo actually won 2 Ocars in the category of Best Short Subject (Cartoon), who knew!



“He’s the greatest, he’s fantastic, wherever there is danger he’ll be there…” a tune you never forget! Neither is DM and Penfold’s ahead of it’s time sports car. It went at turbo speed, it flew, it did everything a vehicle belonging to a superhero rodent should do. So when our intrepid due jumped into this lean, mean, DM machine kids got the kind of thrill adults do when they hear the magic words “to the batmobile”!


The Flintstone Mobile

For want of a better name, Fred Flintstone’s foot powered vehicle was as big a part of the show as Pebbles. Bam Bam, Dino…you get the idea. Consisting of some seats between two rollers, Fred would rev it up using his tootsies going at a great rate of knots. Once it got going he and Barney would shoot the breeze putting the world to rights, in their own simplistic way.


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