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Buying A Used Car Tips

Posted by | August 04, 2014 | Exeter | No Comments
buying a used car

At Car Buyer Tom we value and buy hundreds of used cars. Making us quite the experts on knowing what to look for and know the motor market inside out. If you are thinking of buying a used car, and are unsure on how to go about it, then why not follow some of these guidelines to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Do your market research

Make sure you take the proper time to investigate the market when buying a used car. A quick search can tell you what kind of prices the vehicle make and model are selling for. View prices on AutoTrader and eBay to get a good idea. When buying a used car it is best to decide a budget and stick to it as it is easy to get carried away and pay too much. Sellers will naturally always try to boost the price up, so being prepared with research is always a great defence.

Make a list of questions

When buying a used car it can be easy to forget to ask important questions before purchasing. We recommend making a list of questions to ask before going to buy the car. You could even get the car seller to write down the answers, sign and date the form. This will give you move leverage if there is ever a problem with the car.


What paperwork should the car owner have?  The first thing to check is the car’s registration document (V5) to validate ownership and accuracy of the vehicle’s age and mileage.  You can double check this information by matching the chassis number with the documents. The car should have an MOT but this should not be taken as evidence that the car is sound. A full service history should ensure that the vehicle has been properly looked after. It might be an idea to check that the mileage is warranted in writing to avoid potential problems in the future. It may be a good idea to get a vehicle status check too, this will see whether the car has been stolen, written off or has outstanding finance on it.

Inspecting the outside of the car

It is best to arrange a car viewing in the day time so you can see they car clearly. Rain can also mask body work imperfections and also make you rush a viewing. Start by looking at the underside of the car. If there is any sign of rust or welding then this could signify bigger problems.  Make your way around the car taking extra care by studying the bodywork and fittings. The colour of the car should be the same all over. Lumps and bumps, uneven paint and chips can be signs of a misused motor.  Make sure any rubber seals are intact as car leaks can be expensive to rectify. Speaking of rain, windscreen wipers, and doors sills should also be checked.

Inspect The Outside of The Car


Inspecting the car’s engine

Check the oil levels. An oil leak could be a sign of and aging car and a repair waiting to happen. The next thing to check is the coolant level. If an engine has been neglected you may find that the engine could be damaged and break down quickly in the heat. When the engine is running it is important to listen for unusual sounds, such as clunks and rattles. If you know little about cars and engines, take a friend with you or pay for an inspection for your own peace of mind.   If you are looking to sell you old car fast then contact Car Buyer Tom for a quick and convenient quote.

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