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Fascinating Facts About Your Favourite Car’s Logo


Have you ever looked at the badge on the front of your car and wondered what on earth it was supposed to mean? Ultimately the purpose of the logo is to inspire trust and confidence in a company’s product. It must be iconic, bold and recognisable, whilst representing power and prestige. Some logos even have historical significance or relate to the company’s story. Read More


Top 10 Fuel Efficient Cars

With the price of fuel rocketing over the last ten years by almost 30 pence per litre for petrol and even more for diesel, fuel efficiency is sure to be in the forefront of anybody’s mind when in the market to buy a new car. Read More


Some of the Sharpest paint jobs you’ll ever see!

Let’s be honest, the idea of somebody coming near your beloved car with permanent markers is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. We all know that feeling when you’ve just sealed the deal on a new car, driven it home feeling as proud as punch and showing it off to… well, anyone who’ll listen!

Read More

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