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Maintain Your Car's Value With Tom's Top 5 Tips!

Posted by | July 24, 2014 | Car Advice | No Comments
maintain car value

As a professional car buyer, Tom sees hundreds of cars each week and gives owners offers the best possible price for their motors.  Big cars, little cars, new cars and old cars – you name it, Tom has seen it! Therefore Tom is an experts at the car buying process.

If you have just brought a shiny new motor then you may be thinking to yourself, “How can I maintain my cars value?” There is nothing more depressing than your pride and joy devaluating. However with these tips from Tom you can reduce the depreciation of your vehicle and still get top money when you eventually decide to sell your car.


If the damage is already done, then you can check out How To Enhance The Resale Value Of Your Car here.


Here are five easy methods which will help you keep your car’s value high.


1.)                Keep the body work in good condition –

Scratches and dents are one of the most off-putting signs to potential buyers. The car itself may be in fantastic condition and the damage very superficial. However, your car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Unfortunately this type of damage is very easy to create and very expensive to undo. Reversing and opening doors into objects are the top causes of scratches and dents so pay special attention when performing these moves.  Ladies should be careful when opening doors that rings do not scratch around the door handle area.

boost resale car value

2.)                Keep the interior  of the car clean –

It is not just the exterior that is important. Just like avoiding dents and scratches to the outside of your car, make sure to keep the interior clean and tidy. A motor with an immaculate interior gives the impression of care and attention. The two biggest offenders on the interior of a car is cigarettes and makeup. Cigarettes cause a bad odour, can burn applique and the ash gets into many of the small cracks than are hard to clean out. Makeup can stain fabric interiors and gets into the cracks of leather steering wheels. It can be hard to remove and give a dirty appearance to the car.


3.)                Keep records of any repairs or maintenance –

Service records are a crucial factor in creating trust between you and a potential buyer. Having physical proof that you took care of the car is better than word of mouth.  Even small details should be recorded such as making sure oil was changed on time. Take note of your service recommendations from your dealer and make sure you get the required work done at your mile markers. Many people may have been stung by sellers who say they taken care of their car, to be greeted by nasty surprises further down the line. Keeping a neat folder with all your service records proves that you took care of the car.


4.)                Be easy on your wheels/alloys –

Alloy wheels are a desirable quality to have on a car. They look much slicker and well-built than simple wheel covers. However their polished look can easily be scratched and dented on curbs an reduce their value.

It is important to take extra care when pulling over or parallel parking next to a curb. That extra bit of time and effort could boost the value of your car when it comes to selling.


5.)                Be aware of the weather  –

Your car is very susceptible to the elements — wind, snow, sun can all play havoc on the look and performance of your car. Extreme cold can ruin your car’s internal engine components. On the other end of the scale, the sun fades carpet and furniture in your home and excessive sun can damage paint, trim and mouldings on your car too. Years of exposure to the sun can turn headlights yellow. For example headlights will making your car look older than it is. Interior fabrics can fade and look old before their time.


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