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Some of the Sharpest paint jobs you’ll ever see!

Posted by | May 14, 2015 | Car Advice | No Comments

Let’s be honest, the idea of somebody coming near your beloved car with permanent markers is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. We all know that feeling when you’ve just sealed the deal on a new car, driven it home feeling as proud as punch and showing it off to… well, anyone who’ll listen!

Your girlfriend leans in to look through the window, but you can see her necklace inching towards the paint work and paranoia sets in. It weighs next to nothing, but you’re still convinced your new toy will be left with a horrific scratch. The kids dirty fingerprints smeared all over the windows, the idea of driving it in the rain and mud splashing all over that beautiful gleaming finish.

We get it, it’s precious.

So would you trust somebody to doodle all over your ‘baby’ with Sharpie pens? No, us neither… But some people have – and the end result isn’t half bad!

The owner of this beautiful Nissan Skyline GT-R couldn’t find it in the midnight purple colour he wanted so had to settle for a silver paint job. He also noticed a scratch on the bumper, so what better to do than let your artist wife (Allison LaValley) loose on it with Sharpie pens to cover it up? It’s a no brainer…




(We think hers is a better way of hiding a damaged bumper than what this guy did!)


Next up is another Nissan… This time it’s a 370z that has been customised and this one has a claim to fame! Not only does this feature some amazing artwork but also it’s been signed by tons of celebs, including Chip Foose – star of reality TV show Overhaulin’.




May the force be with you… This Volkswagen Jetta has been jazzed up by a die-hard fan. Not quite a Landspeeder but still pretty impressive!



Chevy Cavaliers… Pretty boring, but here’s one way to make one look a bit more exciting! We especially love the detail on the wheel trims on this one – very cool!




We’re cheating a bit with this last one… We know it’s not a car, but we love it all the same! This Ducati S2R has been doodled on by the talented Jody Whitsell along with the helmet too! Apparently this project was inspired by her son, when she told him she wasn’t happy with her plain white ‘stormtrooper’ bike helmet he simply told her to ‘Sharpie it’. So she did.



So, there’s our top pick of Sharpie projects by some incredible artists, featuring some of our favourite cars (and a Cavalier!).


Remember though guys – don’t try this at home or you might end up with something like this!



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