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Tom's Ultimate Guide to Selling your Car Online

Posted by | March 15, 2015 | Car Advice | No Comments

Once upon a time, if you wanted to sell a car you would put an advert in the local newspaper and wait for the phone to ring. Unless you were very lucky you could often post the ad several times before receiving a response. Then all of a sudden the landscape changed. Newspaper ads bit the dust and ads were instead posted on the Internet accompanied by super, well not so super at the beginning we admit, pictures to let everyone know what a great motor you were trying to flog.  We have looked at the different ways to sell your car online, and collated the main online sites in the UK for selling your cars and the pros and cons of each.




The big name in used car sales for so many years, Autotrader went from a hugely popular magazine to a hugely popular website and deals with both new and used car sales from domestic and commercial customers. The weekly magazine was published in many regional editions and, following a declining circulation, the last one was published in June 2013 after 36 years.  Now the UK’s busiest car website, autrotrader.co.uk has an average traffic of 10.3m visitors a month. The website had a complete overhaul in 2009 following customer complaints and has been steadily making more improvements ever since.

Average length of sale time; 

The site tells us that you are twice as likely to sell your car within a week by advertising it on autrotrader.co.uk


Huge amount of traffic visiting the site

The name everyone knows


It costs to post an ad with prices starting at £7.95

With so many visitors it can be easy for your car to slip under the radar




Motors.co.uk is a website dedicated to everything to do with selling cars. New, used, classics, you can post, search and do absolutely anything in order to buy or sell a car. You can either post an ad to sell your car, or get an online quotation which redirects you to their trade partner that buy cars outright in a similar vein to Car Buyer Tom.  With around 2m visitors a month it is certainly a popular site and is well used by those in trade because they can advertise all their stock for one fixed price.

Average length of sales time; 

Once the car is listed on the site lengths of sales times vary between a couple of days to a couple of months.


Free to list your advert

Costs nothing to run an ad for up to 12 weeks

Can be linked to social media sites


Can take 72 hours to list your ad

Website is somewhat confusing for first time users

Takes time to create an ad

A lot of traffic can see your ad so it can be overlooked




eBay is massive, there is no denying that. We are all enthralled when the super cars come up for auction and watch as the prices rise and rise in the bidding wars.  A few people still don’t think of eBay as a platform for selling their cars, when in actual fact over 5m have been sold to date. You can certainly see the appeal to those with large, luxurious vehicles to sell as it reaches a global audience, however, for the everyday used car seller it isn’t the first choice for several reasons.

Average length of sales time;

You have two ways of selling your car on eBay. If you put your car out to auction where you specify how long you want the auction to run. You can also have it on ‘Buy It Now’ for a set length of time, or even combine the two. With it being an auction site you cannot calculate an average length of sales time.


Global audience

The most popular site of its kind in the world

You can sell everything from an entire car to a windscreen wiper

You can set a reserve price on your car if you put it in an auction


The pricing system for the listings can be confusing

You have to be a member of eBay to sell a car

As eBay is linked to Paypal, so there are also Paypal charges incurred when you receive the money into your bank account




Gumtree is a national website where you can sell absolutely anything. It is a classified ads site as opposed to an auction site, and you can sell and buy everything from a glass eye in Gloucester to a mansion in Milton Keynes.  Gumtree has been around for 15 years and is the UK’s largest community and classified’s site. You have to register as a member on Gumtree and while many categories are free on Gumtree only your first 2 car ads come free of charge before you have to start paying for them.  It undoubtedly gets a lot of traffic and it is many people’s first port of call who want to buy or sell without an auction.

Average length of sale time;

Reports vary from 1 day to 6 months.


A large amount of traffic visits this site

The first 2 ads are free


You have to create an ad which can take a lot of time as you need it to stand out

After the first 2 car ads you have to pay

It costs you to bump your ad up

As it is regional specific you have to hope somebody is your area is looking for the car you are selling

If you advertise further afield you may have to knock the price down to entice sellers to travel

Buyers can be distracted by the large adverts from external sources that are displayed on the selling page


We Buy Any Car

we buy any car

This used car purchasing company has its headquarters in Greater Manchester, but has crossed the pond with branches as far away as the USA.  Founded in 2006 the brand was purchased in 2013 by BCA; British Car Auctions.  We Buy Any Car works on the same premise as the rest of these types of sites in that you get an online quote for your car, if you like it book an appointment and take your car along.

Average length of sales time varies from branch to branch depending on how quickly you can get an appointment.


Long term presence in the industry

7 day guarantee on quote


Valuation experts are set commission targets to purchase your vehicle at 28% under whatever has been quoted.

Have received many complaints in the past for undervaluing cars


Car Buyer Tom


Car Buyer Tom is the new kid on the block, but is enjoying great success thanks to bringing a whole new level of customer service to the table. All you do is contact us on the website, fill in the details asked for and we will send you a no obligation quote. If you are happy with your quote, you then make an appointment at our nearest branch, take your car along and bingo! The car is off your hands and cash is in your pocket. It really is that easy, and with new branches opening all the time due to demand, you can relax in the knowledge that you are dealing with true professionals who will give you the best price possible for your motor.

Average length of sale time;

You can sell your car in a day depending on the availability of appointments at your local branch.


Costs nothing to sell your car

You don’t have to worry about creating a great ad

Fast and efficient service

A great price offered based on current market value




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